Monday, April 10, 2006

It's been a while...

Things going on in the life of Kelly Jean Biwer:

-My family comes on Saturday!
-I'm 20 years old now!
-It's in the 80's in Estes Park
-My roommates grandmother died :o( keep her family in your prayers
-School is over in 37 days
-I'm sick of class...
-I have no plans yet for the summer
-I'm sad thinking about leaving friends from CO
-Excited to see friends in Milwaukee
-I love the mountains this time of year
-The starbucks people know me too well-My picture even made it on their "Regulars" wall

I don't know what else is new-not much! Here are pictures from my recent roommate bonding day...we tried on prom dresses because Steph never was able to go

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