Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"I'll have a decaf, double tall, vanilla hazelnut, nonfat, no whip, extra hot, latte"

I used to think it was bad that I spent 10-15 hours in Starbucks a week, but now I spend close to 40! This time, I'm on the other side of the counter. I know it has been a long time since I have updated this, so I don't think I ever mentioned that I am now a Starbucks employee! Here's the funny part: I did not like coffee. I didn't like the taste of it-in anything. It didn't matter if it was a latte, caramel macchiato, cappuccino, or frappucino. I thought they were all nasty, so I stuck to passion tea with lemonade, and in the passion tea. In fact, when asked "What do you like best about coffee?" on the job application, I wrote "the smell." Well, my first day at Starbucks I had to have a coffee tasting! It turns out that employees have a "coffee passport," and have to try every coffee. We sniff, slurp, drink and observe the coffee. So here I am, first day, trying to describe the differences in each coffee. They all tasted the same! Bitter! But, the flavor of coffee is growing on me-probably all too quickly. I still cannot drink plain black coffee without dessert or a pastry, but I will order a latte, or my guilty pleasure of a java chip frappuchino. And, I actually enjoyed my coffee tasting experience today...AND I could taste differences in the coffee. I also am becoming one of "those people," who order long, complicated drinks. " I'll have a decaf, double tall, vanilla hazelnut, nonfat, no whip, extra hot, latte."

So besides life at Starbucks, I am enjoying my free time. I usually work morning shifts, from 5-11am. It is so early, but I have the rest of my day to enjoy being outside. I have been biking almost ever day! I ride 13 miles, which isn't much, but it is a lot for me! I really love getting away for a little while and just thinking. It is a great workout!

It has been so different being home, with very little commitments. When I left for Colorado, my schedule was so busy. I was involved in something almost every night. For right now, my only commitment is on Tuesday nights. I am teaching a class at the college and career group I go to. It is so great to make new friends there! I love it, and am really thankful that these women are in my life. But I will soon be looking for a second job, trying to save up as much money as I can. I am in debt from my year at Ravencrest, and would love to pay it off ASAP!

There isn't anything too new or exciting in my life right now. In 10 days I will be going to Pennsylvania to visit that is very exciting, I can't wait!

Today is like a friday for me. I have 2 days off, which I am incredibly happy about. I have worked a week straight, without a day off. I shouldn't complain, but it is so nice to know I have a day away from the 'bucks tomorrow. I have met a lot of fun people at work, so I never dread going into work-actually I love working there. I am just thankful that I won't come home with a layer of frappuchino on my face and smelling like coffee.

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