Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back to brown...

I am officially TERRIBLE at keeping up with this! I was so good the first few months in Colorado, but now it takes forever for me to post anything new! I am still working at Starbucks, but probably not for long! The new manager brought so many new employees with her that none of us are getting enough hours. So, I am also working at MedTeams, through ProHealth Care. That too is temporary-I may even be done this week. Thankfully I have a job interview next week for a full time job.
Here's a "small world," story for ya. Joel works for a family in Lancaster, PA, doing yardwork and gardening on the weekends. However, this family is moving to Delafield, WI, and is in need of a babysitter. Crazy! Joel is going to keep his job for this family, because they are keeping their Pennsylvania home. AND this week I get to watch their children from 9-5 every day while their mother unpacks! We live 12 hours away...yet work for the same people. Talk about a small world!
I leave for Colorado in 1 week! I cannot WAIT. I am so excited to see everyone from the church I attended out there. I will be helping out at a youth camp and hanging out with everyone there. I miss everyone very much, so it will be wonderful to have fellowship with them all week! After Colorado I am very blessed to be able to travel with Joel back to PA. We land in Baltimore, so we are spending the day with Andy Cakes, in Washington D.C, before heading back to Lancaster! I'm very excited...but I have to get through this hectic week first.

...oh, and on top of it all, I dyed my hair back to my natural color-picture above-which is a bit of a shock to me. Let's hope it can be changed back...haha

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Hey Kelly, so what's new in your life?