Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I was sitting on our front steps and I heard a thump, well, maybe more of a splat. I looked up and saw a squirrel go running away from me. I thought I scared him and he jumped off the telephone pole. Well, a little while later a van pulled up with some sort of animal care slogan on it. I asked Joel what they were doing and he told me the neighbor saw a squirrel fall from the telephone wire, onto the sidewalk! He found the squirrel in his backyard with a broken hip. So what I heard was the poor squirrel fall from 2 stories up! Poor little guy. The neighbor put it in a box, and someone just came and got him. The squirrels always use the wires as their own little roads throughout the city, and I always wondered if they fall. Joel thinks squirrels are so great. Haha. He says they must think that they are on some huge mission to find nuts, and then hide them so nobody see's where they hid them. Seriously, if you watch them you would think they are on some sort of secret mission.

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