Thursday, October 23, 2008

our day

Elijah and I had a fun day together. After our normal morning routine of playing while we watch the news, Elijah took a nap and I had some "mommy" time to myself. I love when I wake up to a clean house...I know I'll get some time to myself that isn't spent cleaning. After he woke up we went to a neighbors house for a little "playdate," this morning. Four of us have little boys under 1 1/2 years old, so it was really great to all get together. The two older boys played, while Elijah watched and the youngest slept. Hopefully someday they can all play together. We came home and Elijah was ready for a nap again, so I had more time to myself! I caught up on some reading (haha from my Parents magazines), and even caught a cat nap. After naptime we went to the mall with a friend and her son. We played for a little bit when we got home and now he's down AGAIN for his last nap of the day. Talk about a relaxing day! We are going to Joels parents house for dinner tonight, so I don't even have dinner to get ready. Wow. What a day!

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Leah said...

i'm loving the new layout kelly! and it was great to hear all about your day, sounds fabulous :-) i wish i had days like that...

hope you and the family are doing well, i miss you guys!