Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Our friends Ben and Lindsey came for dinner last night, and Elijah was quite fond of their 2 year old son, Sam. It was SO cute to watch Elijah try to interact with him. At one point, Sam found the laser level that we use to play with Trigger and he wanted it turned on. He loved watching Trigger chase it. Sam would squeal as Trigger jumped, and Elijah would let out a huge belly laugh! It was so stinking cute. I brought out our camera to try to get a video clip of it, but I didn't get it out in time. I have never seen Elijah laugh so hard! We were all laughing watching them play...it was really fun. And as always, it was great to hang out with Ben and Lindsey!

Elijah has been learning lots of new things! He loves to bang his hands on everything, especially food that has spilled onto his high chair tray (you can imagine the mess THAT makes). He can sit up all by himself and even army crawl all around the room. Outlets had to be covered, he instantly found those. And although the gate isn't set up yet, the boxes are being used to cover the doorway to the stairs. Haha. He has two teeth, working on a few more. He's doing great with a nap schedule, eating baby food wonderfully, and just growing, growing, growing! I can't believe it.

Joel is enjoying his new job very much. It is definitely a good fit for our family. He gets off at 4:oo everyday, which is wonderful! We have more time in the evening to just hang out as a family. I know Joel agrees that it feels so good to just have to show up everyday, work a full day, and leave the work at the job site. I didn't realize how much his mind and body were focused on the business, until we were done with it. It was a really great decision for our family!

We have been going to a young adults meeting at church and recently joined a small group that meets on Tuesday nights. We met with our group last week, and are really excited to meet again tonight. We are in a group with 4 other young, married couples, and 3 of us have children. We have all committed to finding sitters so we can focus and enjoy a night each week without kids!

I'm still having a blast learning my camera and trying to move ahead with photography. I just downloaded a free version of Adobe Lightroom, and added it to my list of "I really really want this!" I am shooting a wedding in December for a friend, and I'm already looking into purchasing a lens and flash, so photoshop may have to wait! But I'm having fun refreshing my memory on how to use it!

Well, I better go. My little booger is still sleeping, and I have to make a grocery list! It's nice having Laura and Jesse upstairs...today we are going grocery shopping together. Saves gas and it makes shopping more fun!

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