Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Ohhhh election day. I am excited for a new president and almost as excited to not hear any more commercials and ads. Just kidding....but I am really sick of it all. Especially walking out my door every morning and finding 3 or 4 flyers in my mailbox, a sign hanging from my doorknob and another flyer under my door. While I was in line to vote today, a little old women was escorted to the front of the line and given a chair to sit on. I heard someone explain that she had a heart condition and couldnt stand in line. Someone in the back of the line started swearing and hollering, "I have to stand in line, what the heck! Get to the end of the line..." and so on (Believe me, that's the edited version). The man appeared to be in his 70's, and when told why this little old woman was going to the front, he replied, "I have issues too!" He didn't like it when they offered him a chair too, and eventually the police were called. Thankfully, I left before that fiasco. Crazy! I'll be glad when this is over!