Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i love the holidays!

We will be leaving for WI in a week from tomorrow! I can't believe it. We are driving all night Thursday, dropping Elijah off in WI, then heading to MN for a friends wedding. We'll spend the rest of the time in Wisconsin. Joel is leaving after Christmas, and Elijah and I will be staying until my friend Kristin gets married, January 10th! So if any of you get bored and want to hang out with us, we'll be looking to catch up with friends and family! I'm hoping to spend Christmas here in PA next year. I think it's great that Lancaster has become "home," and that I really feel settled here, after only a year and a half. I love spending Christmas with my family though...I will always miss that when we stay around here.
I'm almost done Christmas shopping, which is wonderful! I LOVE Christmas shopping, but it's a lot harder with an month old! (haha I know all you "experienced moms" are laughing, thinking "just wait until you have TWO kids to get through a store with...or better yet, three!" ). Since we leave next week, I needed to have everything by then, or wait until the last minute and shop in WI. I'm glad I decided to do it before hand. Elijah has been a trooper. Last weekend he took one of his naps in a shopping cart! Go Elijah!
Elijah is getting very brave. He has been pulling himself up on everything for a while, and now he's starting to let go! Thank goodness he knows how to get down...most of the time. We still have a lot of bumps though. He's crawling ALL over the place. Trigger better watch out! Elijah loves chasing him all over the room. He keeps me very busy!
Well, I better get going. We are down to one vehicle, so I have to take Joel to and from work. He needs to be picked up soon and Elijah has no pants on. Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

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