Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's the Day!

Today we find out if the baby growing inside of me is a little boy or a little girl! We are really excited to find out. We have our own predictions, and soon enough we'll know who's right! I just hope our little one will cooperate..

Joel is still home from work. It's been 2 weeks since he injured his finger. It is healing well, and he can move it quite a bit. He still has 2 pins in it though, so there are limitations. He can't do dishes, change diapers...he's missing out on a lot! Ha. He's hoping to go back to work Monday, but considering he is still in so much pain, we'll see. I have LOVED having him home. It came at such a perfect time for our family. I was getting stressed out with Elijah and being pregnant, and Elijah was at his peak of "Only Mommy can please me!" It has given me a break, and Elijah a lot of time to bond with Daddy. If only it wouldn't have taken Joel hurting himself...

This morning Joel went to the school his sister teaches at, to be "someone special" for Grandparents or Special Friend day. There is a little boy in her class who has autism, and is also a foster child. He didn't have anyone to come with him, so Joel went! They both enjoyed it very much. It's great to see the opportunities that arise for Joel, that he normally couldn't do since he works during the day.

He's outside doing yard work right now, which I am incredibly thankful for. Elijah could almost disappear into the grass. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but it had been put off by both of us for a while now. I can't wait to plant flowers!

My little guy is walking all over the place now, I can't believe it! He's also just beginning to talk! Well, he'll say "Mama," "Dada," and we're pretty sure he says cat. I can't believe how much he copies us, it's such a blast! I always click my tongue to call for Trigger, and he does that at the cat too now. Whenever Trigger scratches him, we taught him to say "Uh,uh,uh," and wave his finger at him. It's so cute. He started copying animal sounds, which is funny. He doesn't do many, but he'll "Whoo, Whoo" like an owl, and once I got him to "tweet!" like a bird. SO fun. I think my favorite is when he wants food, he'll go "Mmmmmm."

Speaking of my little guy, he's awake and sick of talking to himself in his crib, so I should go get him!

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