Friday, June 19, 2009


It's been a rough week for my little guy, but a tough little guy he is! First, we were playing outside and I ran down into the cellar to grab his kiddie pool, and he tried to follow me. That's where the one mark on his eye came from. The next day he tripped with a toy in his hand and scratched the other eye. Then, he has been battling a gross case of thrush in his mouth (basically a yeast infection he picked up somewhere), and he woke up with a rash all over his body. So it was a humbling trip to the doctor with my little banged up kid, since I already felt terrible that he had fallen down the stairs, plus add a rash to the mix. The next day Elijah and I were playing on my bedroom floor, and he tripped and fell face first into the mattress frame on our bed. He hit at such a weird angle that he managed to slice his lip. It isn't a terrible cut, but deep enough that he needed stitches. He was such a great sport in the ER. Besides the actual being held down and the stitches part, he was making faces and trying to make the nurses laugh. He even had the same doctor Joel has had in the ER...we take way too many trips there. You would never have even known Elijah had stitches that day. He has been fine ever since! What a trooper!


Bobby and Stacy: said...

Sorry to hear that! I'm glad he's doing ok. Boys seem to get hurt often.

Nanna said...

Bumps or no bumps, he's the most beautiful little grandbaby I've ever seen. I'm kinda partial though!

Mark and Heather said...

Hey I saw your little guy at Daniel's Den playground today. I was like "isn't that Elijah". Didn't even notice the stitches. My kid (Silas) was sporting some bruisers of his own on his forehead. I guess it comes with the territory! Have a great one.