Monday, July 20, 2009

My Little Talker

I can't believe how fast Elijah is growing up. He's 15 months old now, and learning SO much every day. I'm really enjoying this age (minus all the temper tantrums...). He's talking so much more since we got home from Colorado. I think being around Bobby and Stacy's kids all week really helped! His expanding little vocabulary consists of: Mama, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Trigger, JoJo, Car car (not sure why he says it twice), Truck, Tractor, Cat, Dog, Duck, Chicken, Flower, Ball, name a few. My personal favorite is when he comes into the room and says, "Hiiiiiii!" It's so cute!

Joel is still working at the same jobsite, enjoying the work he is doing a lot, but has frustrations with the set up. We're praying about what to do next. He's considered a subcontractor, but being paid as if he were an employee, minus the benefits. It's great considering there aren't a lot of construction jobs right now, but he feels a bit stuck. He would like to either be made an employee and receive the benefits that come with it, or stay a subcontractor and make the type of money a subcontractor should make. His boss has a great deal having Joel work for him!

I have had one Lia Sophia show, and it was pretty successful! I think I'll enjoy selling the jewelry. Photography is slow this summer, which in all honesty is nice. I am really getting tired, and can't imagine doing more weddings! I have one the first weekend in August, and I'm thankful that's it!

Well, I should go. Not enough naptime to get everything done!

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