Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's been so different preparing for this baby than it was for Elijah. Life was full of registering, baby showers, buying baby things and preparing the baby room! This time around all we really have had to do was buy a double stroller and girl clothes! I found a lot of clothes at garage sales (baby girl clothes are EVERYWHERE), and a friend gave us a TON of clothing as well. Now all we have to do is come up with a name for her...

We have been trying to prepare Elijah for the baby too, but mostly for our own sake. We gave up the pacifier a few months back, started making him fall asleep without a bottle, and just a few weeks ago he gave up a bottle completely! It's fun to see all the changes he's making. He's such a big boy! I have him walk most places now, holding my hand, which helps me and my pregnant body SO much! Unless of course he decides to make a break for it...then I get a real workout!! He's at such a fun stage right now! Joel and I are really enjoying his little personality. He's slowly becoming less of a mommy's boy too. He's really starting to enjoy spending time with Daddy, and he no longer cries when I leave! It's a huge relief.
Elijah LOVES to read books. He doesn't say "please" yet, but will walk up to us with a book, hold it out and say "thank you!" We know what he means.... Today I was in the shower and he opened up the shower curtain, handed me a book saying, "thank you! thank you!" Haha. How do you explain to your 1 year old that it's not the best time to read a book??

Well, I better get going...lots to do today!

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Mike and Jen said...

Go Elijah- such a big boy. Kelly have a great few weeks before the baby comes!