Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Elliana is spending her fourth day in the NICU and we are trying to wait patiently to bring her home. She's doing really well, just a few small issues the doctors want to watch before they release her. Today she was a bit dehydrated, so they watch her for another 24 hours to make sure she recovers.
She now weighs 5lbs, 1 oz. So tiny! In fact, she is so small that we had to find a "preemie approved" car seat for her. The only one available in stores is almost $200, so we are SO grateful for a friend who lent us theirs! Today the nurse did a car seat test with her. They put her in it for an hour and watched how she did on the monitors. She looked SO incredibly small in it!
It's been rough trying to split our time between home, work, Elijah and being at the hospital. Since Elijah can't be in the NICU, Joel and I both can't be there unless someone is with Elijah. I have been trying to travel back and forth to breastfeed, but I'm really limited by when Joel can take me and when the NICU is open. Thankfully, I am able to keep a supply of breast milk for her for when I am unable to make it.
It's hard to see someone else care for your baby, especially during her first few days of life. I have been able to change two diapers, but for the most part I depend on another "mommy" to care for her. I am looking forward to having her in our home.
I have been able to rest and recover pretty easily at home and I feel really great. I actually have to stop myself from overdoing it. It will be great to bring her home feeling well rested and recovered.
Hopefully we'll post more pictures soon! We are heading over again tonight, so I'll make sure to bring the camera along!


Leah said...

Thanks for the updates Kelly, I've been really curious as to how you all are doing. I'll certainly be praying for your family in the days and weeks ahead as I can't imagine how anxious you are to have her home! Congratulations again, and I look forward to more pictures and updates soon :) Miss you guys!

Gedde Adventures said...

Kelly, Adalai was 5lbs 1oz when she was born, they are soooo tiny, but it sounds like you are doing well... don't worry. You are covered in prayer.
Sara Gedde