Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Elliana is doing well, but still not home with us! She needs to gain weight, as she has been losing weight since birth. She's at 4lbs 14oz. Pray that she starts gaining weight so she can come home with us! Everything else is looking great, and they even had her off her oxygen monitor tonight. She had a couple visitors today! Aunt Sara, Cindy, and Grandpa came to visit. We love having visitors come in. Not a ton of updates tonight, still just waiting on weight gain!


Bobby and Stacy: said...

We're praying for her! And you guys too! I can't imagine how difficult this is.

JJR said...

Praying for you and for Elliana.

laura sue said...

thinking of you guys every day...hoping she puts on that weight and can come home soon!

bjf photography said...

praying and thinking about you guys a lot! i hope you can bring her home soon. let me know if we can help you out at all!!