Thursday, September 10, 2009


(Check out this picture Joel took of Elijah. We didn't get the camera fast enough, but he had been sitting up, trying to stick them both to his tummy!)

It's been almost 2 weeks since we brought our little girl home from the hospital and life sure looks different! My mom arrived the day before we brought Elliana home, which was SO wonderful. She helped cook, clean, do my dishes, and play with Elijah so I could rest and ease into being a mother of two. Now that she is gone, life is a little more stressful, but we are gradually getting into a routine (as much as you can with a newborn).

Elliana is doing great! She gained a whole pound in these 2 weeks, weighing in at 5lbs 14oz and although she is looking so big to me, I'm constantly reminded by others how tiny she really is. She has had two doctor appointments since coming home and is a healthy little girl! Other than having issues with being extremely gassy (poor girl...), she is doing very well. Our biggest struggle right now is breastfeeding. She isn't doing too well with it, which is common for preemies. I'm getting ready to call it quits, but I'll give her a little while yet. I know it's so good for her little body!

Elijah is slowly getting used to being a big brother. He LOVES kissing her. Absolutely LOVES it. He will smoosh her little belly, crush her tiny legs, press on her head...anything so he can get to her and kiss her. It's also really sweet to watch him try to cover her with blankets. The problem is Elijah doesn't really do anything gently, so he slams blankets on her, but I know he's just trying to be sweet.

He's talking up a storm now! I love it! He's also getting very sassy. We taught him "gentle," right before Elliana was born. He would take his little hand, run it across my cheek and say "gentle." It was SO cute. Now if I say, "Show Mommy gentle!" He says "GENTLE," as he hits me across the face. Hmmm, we need to work on that a bit more...

Joel is officially self employed! We are really excited for him to be on his own! He just bought a work van yesterday, which I'm thrilled about. I could care less about the actual van, but now I have the jeep back (and for those of you who have seen it...the roof rack is moving to the van!), which means I have a car everyday. I'm so grateful to not be stuck at home as we start into makes for a VERY long winter.

I am doing well! For the most part I feel fully recovered. I'm slightly sleep deprived, but doing well. I forgot how often I slept when Elijah was an infant and now that I can't do that...I'm exhausted! He's asleep now, so maybe I should take a quick cat nap too...


Bobby and Stacy: said...

That picture is great! It's so funny what the older ones will imitate!! Sounds like you are doing as well :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Good job for still tryin to feed your little one! I had the same problem, I couldn't get Rachel to latch on after she came home from 3 weeks in the NICU. It was very discouraging, but the nurses suggested borrowing a pump from WIC, which I did and I was able to pump and bottle feed her for 13 months. I thought I'd tell you about that in case you are thinkin of going that route.

Initially I had to convince the people at WIC to let me borrow a pump, but if you tell them she was in the NICU and that's the ONLY way she can eat, they may let you do the same thing. It made a WORLD of difference to be able to use a commercial pump, I would have quit within the first month otherwise. And it really was a pain sometimes to wash all the bottles and stuff, but it was so worth it. Hope that helps! ~Val Weaver

Jenny said...

Kelly, your kiddos are adorable. Ella does sound very tiny. I still haven't figured out what her birth weight was. Is that posted somewhere on your blog? I can just picture how tiny she is. One of our babies was born at 3 lb 15oz and then came home from the NICU at 4 lb 15oz. She was just so tiny!

Are you gonna be in WI anytime?? We move there in November!

Jenny Roundy