Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I'm going to start blogging again. Really. Now that life has calmed down a bit, I'm hoping to write a lot more. I have two more baby sessions to edit and I have NOTHING on the calendar until June. Ahhh what a nice break. Although I'm not looking forward to being stuck inside all winter, I'm thankful that winter usually means life slows down a bit. I hope Joel and I can refocus, set some goals and dream a bit. This past year was a whirlwind, and I'm hoping this winter is refreshing.
Opening up our house has really changed my daily routine. My kids are actually taking naps. Not cat naps, but they sleep in the afternoon!! They also are no longer up at 5:45am. Thank goodness. I feel like I have time to myself again, which is refreshing. I could actually clean during naps (ha!)...but I could if I wanted to, without waking them up.
I'm excited to be investing in our home. It's one thing that Joel and I have found that we LOVE to do with each other. We love to create. We can't go crazy, we do have a limited budget, but we enjoy working alongside of each other.
Our kiddos are so grown up. I no longer have a baby! Time for another you ask? We'll see...we are praying through whether we want more biological children or if we should venture into a foster/adoption program. But really, I can't believe Elijah will be 3 in a few months. He may be in the terrible 2's, but he's my sweetie. Still loves trains. Could spend a whole day building tracks...I love it. It's not a bad thing for a little boy to love. Ella's my little climber. It has caused a lot of falls for the poor girl. Probably 3 today already, but I can only watch her so closely! She is really starting to communicate more. With that has come a lot more whining. She learned that she really likes candy, knows where it's kept, and points and whines at the cabinet. Not the crying, whimpering kind of whine, but she sounds like a puppy who needs to go outside. It's only so cute...
Well...I'm being sucked into a new album...Shane Barnard & Shane Everetts Christmas CD and I'm distracted. BUT, I do intend to blog a lot more often, for those of you who follow it :)

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Bobby and Stacy: said...

I'm glad you have a break and hopefully will blog more!! I miss keeping up with you on facebook.. Joel's work looks great!! How much to bring him down to TX?