Saturday, December 18, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods... Grandmothers ( & Grandpa's!) house we go. We made it to Wisconsin! We spent 13 hours in the car with two toddlers, and only stopped and let them out once. Thankfully (for all of us), we started our journey at 10:30pm and drove through the night, so our kids slept most of the way...except for a brief awake hour and a half at 2am in which Elijah watched a movie. Oh well. Joel is a great night driver, so he took the first shift from 10:30pm-6am, while I slept and was rested for the rest of the journey (I think I had the easier shift). Between movies, food, books and making silly faces, our kiddos did not complain hardly at all about being stuck in a car seat for that long.

Elijah is thoroughly enjoying playing with all the trains that grandpa has. He only stopped to eat dinner and to take a bath. Grandpa had the whole basement prepped with train tracks and all sorts of fun train accessories for Elijah to play with.

Ella was a bit unsure of grandpa and her uncles, but only took a few hours to warm up to them (which is more than we can say about grandma's cat...she still responds with "hissssss" every time the kids come near her. No wonder Elijah says that cats say, "hiss" instead of "meow"). Ella is enjoying all the fun toys and exploring a new house! She is currently jumping off the coffee table to daddy and Uncle Andy. Only at the grandma's house :)

I'm enjoying a relaxing day, with my kiddos so entertained by their family. I actually have time to sit in a comfy chair and type this post while my kids are awake! I am also really enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree. I think Joel is enjoying how much life slows down on vacation. It's a wonderful treat to be able to relax on a couch and watch tv...since our home is torn apart right now.

We are looking forward to a full week with my family, visiting with lots of friends and relatives as well. Maybe a little Christmas shopping, a lot of coffee, and hopefully a lot of rest.

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