Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Potty Training

We are working on potty training again this week. Elijah started using the potty around 2, and for a while was doing so great! He could go all day, even through naps and at night without any accidents. We were so impressed! Not many 25 month little boys are ready that young. With that said... he refused to poop on the potty. REFUSED. This led to constipation, which hurt his belly so finally we started putting diapers on him again, just so he would go to the bathroom! But, then the stomach flu hit us all and we just gave up for a while. Every Sunday night for a few weeks now I have said, "Tomorrow is the day! No more diapers starting Monday morning," but had a hard time getting excited about starting the process again. Diapers, as gross as they can be, are SO convenient. No trips to the restroom while running errands, no waking up mid nap to pee and not having saying, "do you need to use the potty?" a million times a day. However, I decided we really should be learning this "skill" so we said goodbye diapers again yesterday. He really caught on fast again this time (as he should...he fully understood the concept a few months back), but we'll see how it goes when it's time to poo. My goal is to have him mostly potty trained by Christmas....but I don't think he'll be completely done by then. Either way, as much as it adds to the laundry, and a few extra stops out and about, its one of those milestones that will be worth it in the end.

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