Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Big Boy!

I'm so proud of Elijah. We have been working on potty training off and on since he was just over two years old. He has really impressed us with how well he does with going "potty," but it always comes down to his fear of pooping on the toilet. We go through these phases where he is in big boy undies all the time, but when he needs to have a bowel movement he runs around the house screaming and screaming and SCREAMING. I only feel bad for him for so gets old rather quickly. We explain in many ways why he needs to go, or that he can go in a diaper if he wants to...but nothing worked. Finally, while in WI, my dad got him to go...but he has been pretty disinterested after that. But, finally today he went on the potty!! YAY! We went to Toys R Us, as promised, and brought home a new train bridge and engine for his tracks with some Christmas money he received. I'm hoping this is a trend he will continue! I'm hoping the scary part will slowly pass and we can keep on wearing big boy undies! I think I'll feel like we just potty trained Elijah when it's time for Ella to begin :) Hopefully she'll be easier!

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