Thursday, March 24, 2011


Spring seems to have been temporarily postponed this week. Brrr. Back to the 30's with a few flurries in there! My kids don't understand why I don't really want to play outside :) Or go for walks. Ella was sitting in the stroller, inside, just crying and crying that I wouldn't take her.

I'm not sure if I should have covered my perennials or not...especially my hydrangea. All the tulips and daffodils are already up, and my hydrangea has leaves on it already. I hope this cold doesn't ruin anything! Any tips?

It's supposed to be warm again next week, just in time for my birthday :)

Joel and I have my whole birthday weekend to myself next weekend. We have never done this. We have only been away twice since having Elijah, and both weekends were to the mountains with friends (which was a blast, by the way).

So, needless to say, I'm really excited about my time with Joel! We aren't really sure what we will do, but I'm sure we'll have no trouble filling it up. I'm thinking maybe a weekend to get the projects done that I would like done would be enjoyable.

Or a trip to IKEA? We did that last year and our good friends Jon and Carly were extremely generous to watch out kids for the day. I love Ikea, but mixed with kiddo's it's not the same. The phrase, "Please don't touch," gets used pretty often.

I had a mini break this morning, thanks to my generous mother in law. I did a lot of bargain shopping! I used to garage sale for the next years clothing, but my kids don't always grow according to how I think they will (ha). I found I just didn't use a lot of what I bought because the season was slightly off. I shop at goodwill a lot, and a local consignment shop too.

I scored a few adorable shirts for Ella today at goodwill. JCrew has an absolutely precious line of kids clothes, called "crewcuts." I always drool over the clothes, but can't even justify spending the money on clothes for myself there, much less kids who grow, oh so fast! I found a small stash of crewcuts girls clothes for the fall for Ella. One of the sweaters still had the original tag, and it was marked $59.00 (!!!). Yikes. I payed $4.50...which is still more than I like to pay at goodwill, but fell in love with the sweater. Pictures to come when she grows into it a bit :)

I ran into a friend today while shopping the bargain bins at goodwill. Her and her husband married us, and shortly after I moved to PA, they moved south. It was fun running into her and her kiddo's in such a random place.

I'm feeling especially nauseous this afternoon. I'm trying to decide if I should head out to family dinner with the rest of my family, or enjoy a quiet night at home to myself. I am becoming a wimp. In my other pregnancies I never had times of feeling well, so I just knew I'd go to everything feeling ill. But now that I have a taste of life outside of being nauseous while pregnant, I feel like a baby when I have a nauseous "episode."

But either way, I praise God for my amazing health this time around. Dramamine, maybe, but the Lord is blessing me in this either way, and I'm so thankful I get to experience this pregnancy.

I can't wait to meet this little one. Less than 2 weeks until we find out if it's a "he" or "she" in there. I'm excited to get a glimpse of the baby!

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