Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This weather has been such a tease. One day we are enjoying warm sunshine, and the next day we are bundled up and freezing! Yesterday I finally took down the bough branches that were in our window boxes outside from Christmas. I'm looking forward to planting beautiful flowers in them again this spring.

Spring comes earlier here than it does back home. I just looked at the weather forecast and it's not supposed to dip below 45 degrees for the next ten days! Daffodils and tulips are starting to peek up out of the ground and I am thrilled. I love seeing flowers pop up around the city in different window boxes and flower pots.

I'm not so great at keeping up with a garden though. Our backyard doesn't get a lot of sun, so it's not the best place to grow things. Someday we hope to plant a garden on our roof. It's flat, and perfect for a roof top garden. I just need some time and a way to get water up there. We have a lot of dreams :). A friend suggested our upstairs porch, so I think I'll take her advice! Vegetables grow wonderfully in pots up there.

Speaking of dreams, I have lots of ideas for the upstairs rooms in our house. As much as I can't wait to get my hands on a brush and just go for it, I also hate the process. It all needs primed and then paint. It's a long process for this momma. But I do dream [big] and get excited about seeing my own touch on this house. For the longest time the colors had been picked out by previous owners and tenants, and I am ready for my house to feel more like "me."

I keep checking out thrift stores for some fun furniture to add to the bedrooms. I am looking for unique, old suitcases, metal beds, lamps, and a few odds and ends. I am fairly confident I know what I want to do to our bedroom, but it still needs a bit of inspiration (and LOTS of motivation). We have two beautiful dressers that were given to us, but they are a bit outdated. With a little paint and pretty new hardware, they would be beautiful. All I need is time...and lots of it! I have on my "to do" list 2 dressers, 2 chairs, plenty of picture frames, 2 tables, and a whole lot of rooms :) I better stop shopping for a while.

I should take more pictures of my projects. Seriously, we have hardly purchased anything brand new for our home-as far as furniture goes. Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other stores really do sell GREAT pieces that usually just need minimal TLC. It helps that I love a mix of vintage and rustic with our furniture, but I find lots of great deals all the time. Today I found a lamp that I have drooled over many times in magazines like Pottery Barn Restoration Hardware, etc. If I bought a similar one at PB it would cost $200. I got mine for $10! Gotta love those deals!

We might tackle Elijah's room this weekend. There is a creepy quote written on his one wall, and even though it was painted over we can still read it. We don't like it being there, so we hope to sand it off and repaint the room. I was hoping to wait until we find out if we are expecting a boy or girl, but the creepy quote has to go.

Did I mention we heard baby's heartbeat last week? With my other two, I heard them around 10 weeks, so waiting the extra month this time seemed like forever. It is such a wonderful sound to hear. Another 4 weeks and we find out if a boy or girl is joining us in the fall. I am so very excited to meet this babe. I'm finally feeling he or she move around as well! I think the more kids I have, the more excited I get. It's exciting to see their personalities develop, and how different they are from their sibling (or how similar!). I love newborns. I am so excited to have a one again. It feels like it has been so long and I am beyond excited.

Some days I think I could have 6 kids. Or more...and sometimes I think 3 is too many. HA. I really am kidding. We are taking it one child at a time and we will see where we end up. Joel and I really would love to adopt someday, but we need to wait for the Lord to provide the finances for it. That will be another exciting journey someday!

Well, I suppose I should go. Elijah decided not to nap (again) today. Arghh. Getting used to new stages and phases is rough on me. I do better when I know what I can expect of my much as you can with toddlers. He is quietly watching a movie right now, so I think I'll try to get something done.

Enjoy your week :)


Anonymous said...

I think I might fall in love with finding furniture at Goodwill, etc. too... I found a small hutch last week at Goodwill and I am looking forward to doing some sanding and giving it a stain or paint job someday! Have fun with your projects! - Brianna

Kelly said...

Was it really big with metal "scrolls" over the glass?? I saw one like that and fell in love with it. But we just didn't have a place for it! Enjoy your project!