Monday, April 18, 2011

Nap Time

A child's need for a nap truly is from the Lord. It's like He knew us moms would need a break halfway through a day to refuel, and get refreshed. The peace and quiet is beautiful.

Well, almost peace and quiet. I'm chomping on ice as I type ;) Seems I hit the 20 week mark in my pregnancy and the ice cravings begin! It's a sign of a deficiency, called PICA. Some women crave crazy things like paint, sand, dirt, hair...anything that isn't food. I'm lucky I just like to munch on ice. I've had it with all of my pregnancies, and even though my midwifes and doctors have said it is a sign of anemia, I'm not anemic enough that I should be craving whole bags of ice. They insist that my intense ice cravings had nothing to do with Ella's anemia, so I'm not going to worry and I'll just keep munching on ice. Hey, it's not the worst pregnancy craving, right? Better than ice cream...but it's probably annoying to be around me. Ha.

We had an enjoyable weekend. Friday night Joel went out to his dads and gave me the evening to myself! I painted a bit, read, and just did absolutely nothing. It was so refreshing to have the house to myself!

We spent Saturday scraping the creepy lettering off of Elijah's room. By "we" I mean Joel, because without a doubt there is lead in the paint, so the kids and I stayed out of the room. We replaced the letters with the word "love," and am considering painting a verse or quote over the spot.

Joel also shoveled out the dirty side of the basement-which now means we can actually walk in it. Our kiddie pool is down there and takes up most of the basement. Definitely ready for summer weather so it can be used again!

We had friends over for dinner Saturday night, which is always enjoyable! The kids always have a blast together.

Sunday we went to church, took naps, read, etc. Pretty low key day! We went to Lowes and Costco in the evening and bought stuff for the backyard. Our costco has tons of plants right now for very reasonable prices-much better than Lowes. I'm LOVING the new patio and how it totally is more practical for our family.

It's been raining so often we are going a bit stir crazy. We have no plans tonight, and want to get outside and walk around the city, meet new people, etc, but we feel so couped up inside! Hopefully we'll find something to do besides play in this house.

Anyone have any fun, day trip type ideas to do with two young kids this summer? Free is a plus, as are any local activities. I want to do more than just live in the pool and the playground again this year.

Sorry, this post is nothing special. I'm just waiting for the kids to wake up from there naps!

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