Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life lately...

It's so quiet at nap time these days. Adding another child sure added to the noise in this house! Jude has been consistently sleeping from 1-4ish every day, which is over the time the other two nap. When it's so loud and busy during the other times of the day, it makes nap time seem extra peaceful :)

I had my 6 week postpartum check up today. I'm glad to be done with appointments for a while! I am SO excited to see this pregnancy weight falling off. I gained almost 70lbs this time (yikes!). Every time I stepped on the scale for my prenatal appointments I wanted to cry! I am ok with gaining weight during pregnancy, it's totally worth it, but 70lbs was a bit extreme. Anyway, I was so encouraged today to see that I am already down 40lbs. Gives me hope that it will indeed all come back off (and shows just how much water I was retaining! There's a reason I didn't post any pregnancy pics of myself, ha!)

The reason I am losing weight so fast? My Jude is a goooood eater ;) My midwife held him and couldn't believe how heavy he was. So she weighed him too and my 6 week old is 13 pounds. That means he has gained a pound a week since birth. I can't believe it!

Life has been getting more difficult lately. I prepared myself a bit for when Jude would no longer just sleep all the time and would start fussing when I put him down, but it's definitely been challenging! To say Ella is into everything these days would be a big understatement. She literally finds everything she isn't supposed to and is naughty with it. Here are some of Ella's activities for the week:

-Covering herself in diaper rash ointment. Twice.
-Green permanent marker all over my white bed sheets.
-Black permanent marker all over the upstairs cabinets, fridge, walls, etc.
(Seriously. I keep them up HIGH and she still climbs and finds them!)
-Drew with pen on couch, walls, baby seat, herself, baby and Elijah's back (again, thought pen was out of her reach)
-Covered herself in hand lotion. And conditioner.
-Emptied fish food all over bathroom and into fish tank
-Cut my table cloth with Elijah's scissors (ok, my fault. I should have taken them away as SOON as I saw she had them).

See why she keeps me on my toes? She's TWO. She is an incredibly active, super good climber and explorer. I need to think of some ways to let her explore and be curious without destroying everything in our home!

Elijah is loving preschool. I'm slowly getting into the routine and am enjoying the quiet(er) mornings when he's there. He loves his teacher and the activities they do. I wasn't sure if sending him was the right decision or not with how busy life is right now, but I think he really is proud to have something to call "his" right now.

Joel is enjoying his new job a lot. It requires much more driving then we thought. Many of the jobs are an hour or more away, so he spends a good amount of time in the truck. I think it's good for him. Doing physical labor all day is pretty hard on his body, so it's good to get a break from 10 hours of labor 5-6 days a week. He also is enjoying not working for himself. As much as the longer days wear on everyone, it's nice that once he's home he can focus on our family and other things instead of planning his days/weeks.

I'm hoping to blog more soon. And possibly do daily pictures again...I enjoyed that a lot! We will see. Well..Elijah & Ella just woke up! So I am going to go play :)

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