Monday, October 24, 2011

First Broken Bone


Well, we thought Elijah would be the first one to break a bone, but leave it to my little girl to have the first cast. She was climbing on a tiny little tykes slide and fell off the ladder, but her leg must have stayed caught and fell to her stomach. I thought she hurt her arms, but when we got to her she was shaking and crumpled if I put her down. After doctor appointments and x-rays, she is in a full leg cast with a "toddler fracture." My poor girl. She won't be able to move around for a few weeks. In case life wasn't crazy enough with a 2 month old ;)

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Anonymous said...

She is in good company, as every Lang but dad has had at least one if not two broken bones. Regina just got out of her fifth cast having broken her thumb by a runaway soccer ball. She missed her regional skating competition last weekend because of an injured knee. We call her the crippled one :) She had her own pink leg cast when she was three from jumping down a flight of stairs. Miss you all!

Veronica and the rest of the Clan