Thursday, November 03, 2011

Gluten, Dairy, Eggs...oh my!

Joel has been working longer hours lately, so I have been taking a bit more time during naps to do something I enjoy, rather than pick up the house or cook.

Today's nap time enjoyment? To bake a "gluten, dairy and egg free cake," and blog :)

For those of you who don't know, Jude has been an extremely fussy/colicky baby. I spoke with both doctors and a lactation consultant, and we ruled out a few things and worked through a few nursing issues, but in the end, Jude was still so gassy and so sad most of the time. So, with some advice from friends who have walked through food allergies and sensitivities, I decided to go cold turkey and cut out the three major ones: Gluten, Dairy and Eggs.

I have been eating this way for almost 2 full weeks now. I cheated last week, so I technically started over a week ago :(

I started eating just gluten and dairy (casein) free, but hadn't seen a ton of changes. Knowing it could take a while, I kept powering through.

One night I was enjoying a gluten/dairy free cookie and shortly after, I kissed Jude a bunch on his one cheek. Minutes later, his whole cheek was broken out and bright red. Hmmm.

Eggs? Soy? Nuts? What else did this darn cookie have that my kid could be sensitive to?So I cut egg out of my diet as well.

That was 5 days ago. Yesterday and today, Jude has been the happiest I have seen him in weeks! Breakthrough?! I'm scared to get my hopes up, but right now, he's actually napping. For a long period of time. Not in my arms. Ahh.

Anyway, combine this food sensitivity stuff with trying to lose baby weight, and you get a very dessert deprived momma :) I had bought a boxed cake mix in the gluten free section, but of course, it called for eggs. I added applesauce instead, made frosting with almond milk and dairy free butter....and now I have a yummy dessert waiting for me.

It's been so fun having Jude be so awake, alert, and happy! I am loving all the coo's and smiles he is giving out right now. He has been doing that for a while now, but it was in between misery. It's amazing what food can do to the body.

I had no idea very few doctors are extremely knowledgeable in this area. When I spoke with Jude's doctor about the fussiness, gas and green, runny poo, he suggested a pro-biotic. I don't really blame the doctor, it's not his area of specialty, but am amazed that more food elimination isn't suggested. With only a few days, Jude has started having more normal bowel movements as well. No pro-biotic necessary!

I've been blessed to have friends who live gluten and dairy free lifestyles, so their knowledge and experience with cooking good, family meals has been awesome. Through the grapevine I also have come to know someone who's son has many allergies. She has given me cookbooks and lots of advice!!

I'm considering staying gluten and dairy free if Jude ends up only being intolerant to eggs. I feel SO good. It has forced me to be creative with food and to enjoy it as nourishment. It's a lot easier to only eat when hungry when there isn't a cabinet of food loaded with snacks. There's something about preparing a meal that makes you slow down and enjoy the process (plus, who wants to go through all the effort to make something when you aren't even hungry?). With that said, I can't promise I won't cheat every now and then :)

Feeling so grateful that the Lord has answered this prayer. Even if only for a few days. I do well with the crying, but only for so long, so many days in a row. I'm feeling refreshed and so blessed! :)

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Ryan and Denise said...

kelly you are amazing! hats off to you for learning and figuring all of that out. glad to hear you are having a happier, content babe.