Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Video

Joel and his three close guy friends have created a tradition of making videos and playing them at their friends wedding receptions. The last of the four friends, Andy, got married this past weekend and below is the video the guys made.
A little background might make it funnier. Andy works for the First Response Team of America. They follow weather patterns and anticipate where the next disaster is going to hit and plan to arrive in between the disaster and when help can actually arrive to a town or community. They bring lots of machines (including hovercraft for floods, generators large enough to power an entire hospital, dump trucks, etc) and the knowledge to help those in need (for more info: We are so proud of Andy for being a part of this team! Also, a lot of the content (especially the interviews) are exaggerations on things Andy has said in the past (in case it doesn't make sense to you).

It has been a much anticipated event at each of the weddings, as the bride and groom have no idea what's in the video's. It's kind of a bummer that it's the last video, but we are SO happy for Andy and Leah! Enjoy!

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