Monday, December 05, 2011

Skate Mopping

Elijah is currently upstairs screaming at the top of his lungs. It started because he wanted to eat crackers with peanut butter in the living room. Sorry, bud. Peanut butter and upholstered furniture don't mix. When the feet started kicking and his voice was raised, I picked him up and put him back in bed. Talk about waking up on the wrong side of the bed. This happens a lot when he's been woken up. He has screamed in his room for up to an hour over the silliest things.

Ella, on the other hand, is sitting nicely eating her crackers watching Baby Einstein, and Jude is asleep on the couch next to her. It's these few hours before Joel comes home that are so challenging. Perfect for a little chill time with Baby Einstein.

I had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday. I was at a baby shower and someone who I had never met, but apparently knew Joel, came up to me and told me how much Jude looks like Joel. When I agreed, she asked if our other children look like him as well. I told her our other son does, but that our daughter has her own look. We can't quite pin who she resembles. In all seriousness, she said to me, "Makes you hope there wasn't a mix up at the hospital."

Really? I thought she was joking at first so I laughed a bit. She went on to tell me about how her friend almost brought home the wrong baby 20 years ago. Her facial expressions told me she wasn't joking.

I assured her I knew she was ours and that she just has her own look. I was a bit caught off guard that someones first response to our daughters resemblance was that maybe there was a hospital mix up.

Nope. She's ours alright.

On another subject...I have eaten eggs, dairy and gluten for the past few days (weeks?) and nothing seems to be triggering fussiness or gasiness in Jude. That is, of course, good news! It means he has either outgrown whatever it was that was irritating his belly, or I still don't know what it was and maybe never will.

Either way, I have a happy, pleasant baby still who is growing like a weed. He is smiling, giggling (well, did a few times), trying to lean forward when in his car seat, rolling from belly to back and loves watching his brother and sister!

This morning I went over to a friends house where we put our kids to work mopping her floors. She has 6 kids and with our 3 made for 9 kids. We duck taped rags to 14 feet (2 babies watched), dipped their feet in a bucket of soapy water and let them loose! They raced through the rooms, sliding and bumping into each other. They call it "Skate Mopping." It was so fun. The moms mopped and talked and the kids played without realizing they were actually working :)

My dad is coming tomorrow! He is driving a bus tour to Washington D.C and has a few days off during the trip and since we are only 2.5 hours from D.C., he is driving up here to see us. What a treat. We don't often get the pleasure of impromptu visitors from WI! Elijah can't wait to play trains with grandpa.

Well, I'm off to start dinner. I need to go grocery shopping real bad, so this could be an interesting dinner!

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