Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's been a while...

It's been a while. Yikes. Life is busy with three little ones running (or crawling!) around. I've slacked a bit on the updates and pictures. At least the posting part. My camera is full of fun images I'm uploading right now!

I feel as though a lot has happened these past few weeks. This week was Elijah's 4th birthday. Four? Already!? Everyone says it goes fast, but I never knew the baby and toddler years would go by this fast.

He's definitely a little boy now. Loves lego's, matchbox cars, trains (of course) riding his bike and discovering all the noises he can make with his mouth. He loves to have conversations with us, and is so loving to his brother and sister.

Speaking of growing up, Jude is almost 8 months old. He began crawling...everywhere. He even started to pull himself up on things. Such a big boy. He is starting to do silly things and seeing our reaction. Not often, but just enough to see his little personality coming out. He's very similar to Elijah at that age. Loud, messy and into everything :)



Ella has finally started to really talk. She has been so quiet until recently. I blame it on her very chatty brother who always speaks for her, and her desire to always have a nuk in her mouth :) The nuk came out and the words started to flow! It's really cute to hear her opinions and to voice how the world looks to sweet little Ella.




We have a 6th member of the family right now! Our friend Andy moved in a few months ago. Joel and I have always wanted to rent out a room, so when Andy was looking for a place for a few months, it was a great match. It's been so great having him here! He's an architecture student who has lived on his own for a while, so he's used to cooking and cleaning.

Let's just say I'm being very spoiled right now. Not only do I have a wonderful, helpful husband, but we also have Andy, who does dishes and cooks 1-2 meals a week for us. The kids love having him around too. Elijah loves going to the park with him, and Ella always wants to play "Hungry/grumpy/mad birds" (they can never remember the name!) on Andy's computer.

We had amazing spring weather for so long, then it got real chilly again. But beautiful weather is supposed to strike again tomorrow! I'm so ready to not feel chilled all the time. I even bought a few perennials to stick in the ground tomorrow.

Well, I had high hopes of getting lots of pictures up with this post, but I hear my Jude bug awake in his crib, crying and wanting momma. So I should go. I promise to post a bit more often (in my defense, I've been working out during nap times instead of blogging and sitting on the computer. A pretty good trade off, in my opinion!).

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