Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I finally picked up my camera again. 

I had to blow the dust off of it. Literally.

...and remember that my kids will sit still for absolutely nothing

...and will not give me non cheesy smiles. But oh well, I still think they are pretty darn cute. 

We had a really relaxing Easter weekend. Joel spent more time working on the bathroom (Hooray for drywall! I'll post pictures another day), and the kids and I enjoyed the spring weather that has finally come. 

To all my family and friends back home, you may have us beat with the amount of beautiful snow you get, but we get a month less of it. Ha. I love snow, but am ready for it to be gone by the time March comes around.

All of my little plants are starting to bud. Daffodils flowering, trees starting to blossom. Spring is here, and the 60 degree weather is coming. I think I even read it's supposed to hit 70 degrees next week. 

I'd say it's time to break out the flip flops, but they've already been worn a few times this month. 

Back to Easter. 

Growing up, my family did the whole Easter basket thing, but I can't really remember ever doing an egg hunt. Unless we were staying at my cousins house out of town. And sometimes we'd help my other cousins find eggs months after Easter. They had an egg hunt that out did every other egg hunt, and we'd find eggs that were still hidden well into the summer months. 

So we hide eggs for our kids. Not because I thought I was missing out as a child, but because Joel and I love hiding them as much as the kids like finding them.

It will be fun when we can hide them in more difficult places. You know, besides the living room floor.

Jude really got into it this year. He squealed each time he found one, promptly opening it and eating the contents. We had to stop him after 6 or more eggs, realizing he probably wasn't going to stop on his own.

The baskets we put together are usually sand buckets, filled with things that can be used in the summer months to come. Bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bike bells and horns. Maybe some crayons and other creative things. 

Just thinking practically.

 photo IMG_9794.jpg

 photo Easter2.jpg

 photo IMG_9804.jpg

 photo IMG_9806.jpg

 photo IMG_9807.jpg

 photo IMG_9816.jpg

 photo IMG_9914.jpg

 photo IMG_9885.jpg

 photo IMG_9886.jpg

 photo IMG_9887.jpg

Oh, Jude's silly "cheese!!" face. 
 photo IMG_9889-1.jpg

 photo IMG_9891-1.jpg

 photo IMG_9893.jpg

...and Ella's...
 photo IMG_9843.jpg

 photo IMG_9834-1.jpg

 photo IMG_9902.jpg

 photo IMG_9903-1.jpg

Check out the faces on my older two. They love to run! Poor city kids. We need to let them just run more often. I blame some most of the energy that day on the huge amounts of sugar consumed. 

We enjoyed our quiet Easter, spent with family and friends. Lots of great food. And lots of sugar. Buckets full.

 photo IMG_9853.jpg

 photo IMG_9860.jpg

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Bobby and Stacy: said...

I missed seeing pictures of your kiddos! Enjoying all your posts. Miss you guys. :)