Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Our Morning

Elijah has been in preschool this year, which has meant 8 months of mornings with just these two.

Being that my oldest is also the loudest of the group, it has meant quiet, slower paced mornings as well.

(Sometimes running errands is just plain easier with two kiddo's in tow).

But today we played outside.

Ella takes her role of "big sister" very seriously. She helps get him everything and anything she can think of that he might need.

 photo IMG_0334.jpg

We pulled the car out of the basement for Jude, and it has been a huge hit with all the kids. 

Who knew putting a toy away for a year would bring so much excitement when it is rediscovered!

 photo IMG_0373.jpg

 photo IMG_0380.jpg

Jude rides around saying, "Beep beep!"

 photo IMG_0386-1.jpg

One kid with brown, one kid with blue, and this kid with pretty hazel eyes. 

 photo IMG_0394-1.jpg

What a HAM.

 photo IMG_0398.jpg

Ella recently learned to ride a two wheeler.

She was just as determined as her mommy was to ride when she was her age :)

 photo IMG_0407.jpg

 photo IMG_0415.jpg

 photo IMG_0431.jpg

 photo IMG_0423.jpg

 photo IMG_0348.jpg

This is very exciting in the Hess house. Daddy is building a "tree" house for the kids in our tiny back yard. 

To say everyone is excited would be a major understatement.

They have big plans to host birthday parties and sleepovers in it. 

I have big plans for a cedar shake roof and painting it light yellow. 

Just wait until it's finished. I married a very talented man.

Oh, and it's all from his stash of saved materials. We haven't spent any money to build it! Once again, his borderline hoarding comes in handy.

 photo IMG_0445.jpg

 photo IMG_0443-1.jpg

I love our tiny backyard.

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