Monday, September 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Jude

(photo credit: Carrie Martin)

Jude, you are 2!

Two may seem like such a small number, but to your mama, it is a very big number. 
It means you are no longer a baby

The way you run around with your brother and sister.

How fast you scoot along on your "bike." 

The way you fight back when you feel picked on. 

How much you LOVE garbage trucks and tractors.

The way you and your siblings love each other.

How you ask for exactly what you want...

...and throw a fit when I will not let you eat the whole carton of blueberries.

The way you sign, "I love you."

How you started arguing over which color bowl you get at the breakfast table. 

The way you woke up this morning singing "Bob the Builder."

Yes, Jude, you still may feel very small, but to me, you are so very big. 

You have grown so much in two years.

And we love watching you grow.

Who you look like (daddy!)

What your personality is like (silly, gentle, compassionate, snuggly, smart).

What makes you, YOU.

But you still are my baby.

The way you need more time to cuddle than your siblings.

How you still want to be rocked to sleep.

The way your body relaxes when we sing "Hey Jude," over and over again.

Your love of pacifiers.

The way you ask to be picked up ("Ergo!")

My Jude bug, we love you very much and we thank Jesus for blessing us with your presence every single day. Two years may not seem like a very long time, but I didn't need one day to know that I loved you...and now two years later I cannot imagine our lives without you in it. We love you Jude Benjamin! 

(Photo Credit: Carrie Martin)

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Mom said...

What, no photo credit to grandma for the spoon on the nose picture? LOL