Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Hampshire

We took a family trip to visit our wonderful friends in New Hampshire last weekend. They moved to a little farm, and we loved getting to see it finally!

We met this family while they lived in PA, and miss them very much.

But the north east suits them so well. 

I loved seeing them in their own environment and on their own little farm, living their dream. 

It felt like a home away from home, a safe little haven from the everyday bustle of life. 

We went ice skating, fed animals, played dress up, shot guns, played games, took tractor rides, went sledding, drank lots of coffee, ate lots of good food, played with our food (lobsters aren't supposed to be played with first?), went thrifting, laughed until we cried, sat in front of warm fires and played in the snow. 

Mostly I loved catching up on life. 

I sure do miss them.

But, we have a wonderful excuse to take short trips up to the north eastern part of our country whenever we want.

P.S. I think I'm in love with farm life.

This amazing little ice skating place. Our kids just loved it, well, our older kids did.

Amazing friend who takes care of my babies.

I love the sequence of these pictures. Ella just adores Danny. She had so much fun with him.

Where the Christmas spirit lives on all year, or until the snow melts.

Five of my most favorite people on this planet. 

This girl learned to ice skate! And could skate circles around her big brother.

Sweet friends. These two were just so adorable together. 

Celebrating Danny!

Like father like son. Seriously.