Sunday, January 25, 2015

Danny & Krista

I met Danny and Krista almost six years ago. They were living in PA while Danny went to medical school. We were randomly placed in a small group together, and became friends through that. Over the years, these two have become some of our dearest friends. Krista and I have shared lots of laughs, tears and conversations over coffee and muffins while our kids played together. It became our Tuesday morning tradition. Our kids became good buddies, and we very much enjoyed squeezing family time in with them in between the craziness of Danny being in school. Corn beef and cabbage on St. Patties day, campfires, tubing down the river with 6 kids in tow....this family is up for anything.

After Danny finished school, they moved back to New England. If I remember right, the 4th of July was two weeks after they left, so we drove up to spend a holiday weekend with them. What kind of friends have house guests two weeks after they move? These friends.
This past summer, they celebrated their 10th year of marriage, and renewed their vows on their gorgeous property. Joel couldn't miss work, so we drove through the night Friday, got there in time to help set up Saturday, celebrated with them that evening, and drove home Sunday. We wouldn't have missed it for anything.

It was such a privilege to be a part of their vow renewal. To see the commitment of two friends,  through the good and the bad. It's much easier to commit to someone when you are overwhelmed by young love. But to commit to someone when you've seen it all. Their good, their bad, their ugly. When you know what the trials of everyday life bring. It was beautiful to stand by and witness all of their family and friends pouring their love onto this family, and even more so to have been on this journey along side of them.

Danny and Krista, we love how you choose to live in the moment. You choose family and friends over your to-do lists. You choose to stay up until 2am the night before you work because we only get so much time together. You continue to host us every few months when we decide to crash at your place with all of our kids.  We cherish the late night conversations about life. What you teach us about having FUN with your kids. We love that our kids have grown to love your kids just as much as we love you two. We can't wait to come up there again! We love you guys!

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