Sunday, February 19, 2006

below zero and snowing...

...pretty much sums up the weekend with those 4 words. It was SO cold this weekend, at one point it reached -20! We didn't do a whole lot because of it. Since we are on a mountain, snow makes it hard to drive down, and the cold makes it no fun to play outside.
Friday night was the talent show. Normally, the talent show is held at a local church, so we can have a stage, but because of the snow we had to hold it in the classroom. It was still really good. There were the usual acts, singing, dancing, playing instruments....Aladdin and Jasmine (aka Kenny and Jordan) singing "A Whole New World," complete with a "flying carpet," and full costumes. Haha the flying carpet was a rug that they both just jumped up in the air with. It was so funny. Let's just say I have never heard a guy sing as high as Jordan. It was a pretty good night.
Saturday was one of the most relaxing days EVER. I woke up at 9, and sat around with Steph watching Friends until maybe noon. Then I chilled and hung out by myself in my room until 4! It was glorious! I usually don't get that much down time, especially with 3 roommates. At 4 I walked up to the Chalet and stayed there until midnight. Seriously, it was a uneventful night. We only left for a half hour to get food at safeway. They made cake, cookies, and puppy chow- some of the guys really enjoy cooking with us.
Today I was left behind, my ride for church left without me. Thankfully someone was willing to drop me off. We left right away after church though, so I didn't really get to talk to anyone there, which was dissapointing. I didn't even get to talk to Bobby and Stacey, my "adoptive" parents. They have a little girl named Trinity, who is so adorable! I was over at their house playing dolls with her and her little sister Kenzie. They are so fun. Trinity said to Bobby, "Daddy, when I get older, I'm going to marry a boooooyyyyyy." Bobby was later talking about going to a prayer meeting, and Trinity said, "Daddy, when i get older and marry a boy, can I come to the prayer meetings?" Haha. She is only 3! Adorable! Tonight I have youth group, then fellowship. My family group is planning it, so it's going to be a crazy busy night. Right now I need to run up to the Chalet and get my bag dinner....yuck.

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