Sunday, February 19, 2006

Midnight Emergency Room Visit

My roommate, Linnea, had a really bad stomach ache Thursday. She could barely move it hurt so bad. She tried making herself vomit because of the pain, but she physically couldn't. I felt so bad for her, but she didn't really think she needed to go to the doctor. She said it was like someone was stabbing her with burning knives. The next morning the pain was gone, but her stomach was sore from the sharp pains. It was really strange. We thought it was the flu, but nobody else caught it. Tonight she came in at curfew hunched over, in a lot of pain. We tried to make her comfortable but all she could do was curl up in a ball. She was crying and not sure what to do. Thankfully her mom is in town, at a hotel in town. She didn't answer the phone when we called, so we decided to bring Linnea to her mom. At 11:30 (past curfew) Kristin drove Linnea in Linnea's car. Her mom doesn't have a car here, so we knew we would be stuck down in town for a while, so I followed in Joel's jeep to bring Kristin and I back in. It was our little midnight adventure.
First we parked at the back entrance, walked across 10 feet of ice...Linnea struggling behind, and realized halfway to the door that it was probably locked. Soooo we drove back to the main entrance and tried to find our way through the most confusing hotel EVER. None of the wings were the same, so we were winding through this crazy maze, with poor Linnea, searching for room 318. Finally we just went to the front desk and asked to call the room. So we got a hold of her mom, and got directions to the 138, not 318. Haha. We could tell Linnea was out of it when she struggled to push open a "pull" door. We drove around again to the back entrance where her mom was going to meet us, and it turns out it was unlocked the whole time...go figure. We realized at her mom's room that we didn't know WHERE the hospital was, so I dashed off to get directions from the man behind the front desk. Well like I said, this hotel was SO confusing! I was running through a million wrong doors, dead ends, etc. I finally found it, got a map, and sprinted back...only making 1 wrong turn this time. Kristin and I led the way to the hospital before heading back to school. We considered getting coffee since we were already out past curfew, but nothing is open at midnight in Estes.
We had to call Frank (the principal) to let him know what happened...they like to know this stuff, not only because a student is sick, but also because Kristin and I went out past curfew. Kristin said Frank told her, "Thank you Kristin for taking care of Linnea and for letting me know what happened....oh and Kristin, I got a letter in my mailbox addressed to you, so I'll have to give it to you tomorrow , because it ended up in my mailbox, and you might want it since it IS addressed to you..." Kristin said she thinks he was a little out of it. But who knows, that's the kind of thing only Frank would remember to tell Kristin at 12:30am.

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