Monday, February 13, 2006

It's been a while...

I was so busy this past week I forgot to keep posting updates on this thing! It has been one crazy fun week, so there is much to say!
Wednesday was the beginning of our winter break, thank goodness! Everyone on campus cleared out, except for a couple of us. I went to Kind Coffee, the Rocky Mountain National Park where we climbed up boulders to an amazing lookout point, Starbucks, small group, then hung out in Boulder for the evening at yet another Starbucks. The one here in Estes closes at 8, but in Boulder it is open until midnight! It was wonderful.
Thursday I went ice skating for 3 hours! It was awesome-the ice was perfect. After ice skating I went into Glenhaven, where we drove some back country mountain roads. It was really fun...we ended up at Starbucks again. It was the hangout all week. Friday I went to Denver with a bunch of friends where we visited a friend, Jon, who has an apartment there. We just hung out around his apartment, made dinner, went to Borders, etc. We stayed up WAY too late, and then woke up early to go to Colorado Springs. In the Springs we saw Garden of the Gods, and went to Culvers! There is only one Culvers in this whole state, and most of my friends had never been there. Us Wisconsinites introduced them to the wonderful food there.
Sunday was pretty uneventful-actually nothing really to report there at all.
Now I'm sitting in Kind Coffee, procrastinating...and doing a great job at it I might add!

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