Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I am sitting in a real home right now! It is absolutely wonderful. Stephanie is house sitting for some people from her church, and she wanted someone to come along. They have a whole loft made up just for Ravencrest students, so I get my own bed and everything! It's so great to be in a home.
School is going's not the easiest to be back here. Our first day of classes went well, and it was great to be back at Starbucks all day yesterday. Today was very low key, nothing too exciting. I did laundry and hung out with Joel for most of the day...that was pretty fun. We only have morning classes because of ministry and outreach on Wednesday afternoons, but neither of us had it today! It was a very nice break from campus! Now I'm sitting in the loft on the wireless network they have! I cannot say enough how great it is to be in a home again.
There really isn't anything too new or exciting going on right it was like 50 degrees and sunny, then it snowed, then it got sunny, then it was CRAZY! Nothing like good ol Colorado winter!

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