Friday, March 17, 2006

Home Sweet Home

It is SO good to be home! Today I spent the afternoon being a tourist in Milwaukee with some friends from school. We drove around downtown, went to Alterra on the lake, and walked through the third ward. It was a beautiful day!

The trip home went by suprisingly fast. We left Ravencest at 9pm Wednesday night, and 15 hours later we got to Racine! I slept, oh, maybe 2 hours. Haha. Laura started driving, and I stayed up with her until 1am. Joel drove next and I stayed up and kept him company until 7am. I was wide awake, it was pretty out of the ordinary for me! I slept for maybe an hour after that, so I was EXHAUSTED last night! Kristin picked me up in Racine, and suprised me by bringing Emily along! It was super fun and we sat at Culvers for a while catching up. I spent most of the night with Kristin, and camped out on her trundle bed. It is SO good to see her! I wish she wasn't leaving for Jackson tomorrow :o(

I'm going out for dinner with the fam (yup...Culvers again! We only have ONE in the whole state of Colorado...I miss it!) Tonight I get to hang low, spending time with my family! Should be wonderful!!

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