Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We had our last reception Sunday, here in Pennsylvania. It was absolutely wonderful! I was able to meet so many new friends and family. Joel has an abundance of people in his life who love him and support him. He is supported and encouraged by so many and I have felt so blessed to be welcomed as part of this family and community. I have already begun to love everyone here, and I feel so fortunate that the Lord has placed these people in my life.

As we continue to settle in, our house feels more and more like a home every day. We have been able to fix up the house little by little: new faucets, new light switches, rugs, curtains even a little painting. I'm enjoying city life. Our street is busy during the day, quiet at night. I love all the different people that walk by, and how unique this neighborhood is. The row homes are beautiful, each has character of its own.

Tonight we will be going to hear Matt (the pastor and friend who performed our ceremony) speak at House of Prayer. Downstairs from House of Prayer is the Prince Street Cafe, where we most likely will end up afterwards. It's a fun night-FULL of meeting new people...just what I love!

Fun story:
A couple friends of mine were in Texas this summer, and they spent one weekend at a friends house, Mark. At breakfast one morning, they all poured themselves a glass of red juice they found in the refrigerator. None of them liked it particularly, except for Lisa who liked it and had a couple glasses of it. A little while later, Mark's mom came in the room, opened the fridge, and exclaimed, " Where did all the hummingbird juice go!" Haha.

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