Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm in the process of painting the entrance to our apartment. When you walk in the front door, there is a small area, where the mailboxes and the entrance to both apartments are. I meant to take a "before" and "after" shot, but I remembered after I had already started. So here is a picture of the old and new. The old walls were a cream color with yellow trim. Now, it's grey on the bottom, white on top and I'm working on painting that old trim. It looks so much better, I'm really excited about it. Fortunately we haven't had to paint much at all! All the rooms are great colors. We did have to paint the basement stairs (well, the walls around them). They were light green, with green splattered paint everywhere. It looked like a green monster was murdered on the stairs. Gross.
Good news: we DO have sewer. It was in question for a while. Since this house is 150 years old, as is most of the city, it was a concern. All the houses were supposed to be switched over to sewer a long time ago, but there have been cases where a house has never been switched. We were having problems with the kitchen sink and bathtub draining. Joel tried everything, and even a friend who is a plumber couldn't figure out what was wrong. All the pipes lead to the backyard, while all our neighbors go to the front of the house. But, thankfully someone came from the city yesterday to confirm that yes, we do have sewer. The sinkhole in the backyard is from an old foundation buried underground. Joel dug up part of it. I love these old houses, but they sure come with quirks.
The job search is still on. I have had a couple interviews, all with job offers but after the interview I really didn't want to work at any of the companies! I have another interview today, at a small boutique in the city. It's only a few days a week, which is great. It's in walking distance, and has great hours. We'll see what happens!

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