Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

This has been the first weekend in a long time that neither Joel or I have had to work. It has been such a lazy weekend, but it was much needed. It's not exactly the most enjoyable day, it rained all morning. We were supposed to be gardening at Patience Hill, but who wants to do that in the rain?
Tonight we will be going to a comencement service for Harbinger ministries. It is the ministry that Matt Buckwalter (the friend who married us) started, and that we have been attending. In the city it was called House of Prayer. It was a 24 hour prayer ministry, with people praying around the clock, with occasional teachings as well. Matt and his family feel called to North Carolina, where they are moving in a few weeks. It's hard to see them leave, as Matt is Joels mentor and I have grown to love their family as well, but we are SO excited for them. This is a great thing that the Lord has for them, and we support them in it. Matt has a blog that he keeps up with. I really recommend reading it, even though you do not know him. He has a lot of wisdom, and I love hearing what's on his heart. Here it is:
It also is under "favorites," at the side of my blog page. I hope you read it!

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