Thursday, August 23, 2007

The past month or so...

Camp meeting

Life continues to be busy for us! I cannot believe it is August 23rd! I can't even remember what I have posted!

Joel has a new job, in fact, he is part owner of a roofing and decking business. He was originally just going to be heading up the decking side of things, but Kevin, who has owned the roofing company for a few years now, decided to have Joel as part owner of the business. It's a great opportunity.

Kevin and his wife, Lesley, are becoming close friends of ours. I love hanging out with Lesley, and their 8 month old daughter. Tuesday we spent the day shopping and yesterday I went to their place and made homemade salsa, along with a few other friends. They also had dinner here last night. Can you tell we love getting together with them?

Last week Joel spoke at a week long "camp," called Central Manor Camp Meeting. Basically, it is summer camp for the whole family. The picture above shows the cabins. Most people own their own cabin, and can do with it what they would like. A lot of them have lofts, and bunk beds, etc. Everyone sits on their front porch and talks with people who walk by. The kids can run around, because everyone knows everyone. Everyone eats together in the dinning hall, shares "camp" bathrooms, and they even have a snack bar. It's really fun for families. Anyway, Joel spoke in the youth tent, for grades 6-12. It was a really fun week! The adults also have a service they can go to 3 times daily. Next year we are going to hopefully run the youth section of camp.

My sister in law, Sara, leaves for Cosovo in a week and a half, where she will be living for the next 8 months. She is leading a group of 4 on this trip where they will be living in a small community, working with the local church and in local schools where they will teach English where they will be able to tell the people about Christ. She has done this once before, only last time she was in the neighboring country, Albania. She is excited to be back in Europe, and learning to speak the language again. We are really excited for her, but I'm sad that she is leaving. She has become a good friend of mine!

Jesse's girlfriend, Laura, moved back home a few weeks ago. Laura is also a good friend of mine, so it will be hard to only see her on weekends. Plus I have to share her with Jesse...haha. She'll be living here again next summer.

Well, now that I have left you all an incredibly long update, I should get going. I'm babysitting today...and our house is definitely not baby proof!

OH! We are planning to come home for a visit either September 20th-23rd, or October 18th-21st. It will be a short visit, and I would love to see everyone, which I know is always difficult. However, we will also be back at Christmas, probably for a week-so I'll definitely catch up with everyone then!

I love you and miss you!

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