Monday, October 29, 2007

Visiting Friends

We took yet another weekend trip, this time to visit our friends Matt and Naomi (They did our wedding). It was SO great to spend time with them, it had been almost 4 months since we had seen them. Their family blesses Joel and I so much, and the time we spent with them was so sweet. We spend the entire weekend playing football and baseball with the boys, I helped Zion and Naomi catch a kitten, Joel and I went canoeing on the river and we spent a lot of time just talking with Matt and Naomi. My dad sent down a box of baseball cards to give the boys, and they flipped when they saw them! They love baseball cards, even little Zion gets into it. It was such a great weekend, it was hard to say goodbye.

Last weekend we were in Lewes, DE, where Joel and I stayed at a beach house for the weekend. It was a beautiful weekend, with warm weather, lots of swimming and sunbathing. I loved it!

We are home for a while now, no trips planned until we come home for Christmas. My family comes for Thanksgiving (yay!) but other than that, we are in Lancaster for a while. It will be good to be home, plus I think the guys upstairs are tired of feeding our cat.

I posted pictures of all of our little fall vacations online. Click "My Pictures" on the left to see them.

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Mike and Jen said...

The pictures are great. I am glad you had such a good time away on your weekend adventures.