Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Room

The "baby room" is now underway! Most of you probably don't know what we are doing to make room for baby, so here's the plan!
We own a 2 unit house, with us living in the one bedroom apartment on the first floor. When we found out I was pregnant, we weren't really sure how we were going to fit a child into our apartment. Joel proposed that we finish our basement and at the time I thought he was crazy. But, we figured out a really great way to have the baby room downstairs, yet have it feel like it is still a part of our house. For any of you who have seen our would understand why this is important. Carrying a baby down a flight of death stairs while trying to avoid hitting your head on the ceiling is never a good idea.
SO, we decided to reconfigure where the stairs enter the basement. Instead of opening what looked like a closet door, the stairs will be from the living room down. We will be able to walk right down the stairs into the basement, with a door at the bottom that we can shut. There will be a railing around the stairs, so you can see right down them (It may be hard to picture. Our camera broke this week, so I can't post pictures but I will as soon as I can). To sum it all up, the basement will feel like another part of the house. The other great thing about our basement is that we have windows down there, small, but they still bring in daylight.
Joel is home today working on it. Yesterday we had a BLAST tearing down the closet in our living room. Today he is building the stairs and cutting a hole in our floor! Joel does this for a living, so it also gives me confidence that our house is not going to fall apart. :o)

On another note: We have our first ultrasound on Friday morning! We are going to find out the sex of the baby and we can't wait! We have our own predictions and we'll see if we are right in a few days. I'll make sure to let people know....but we're keeping the name a secret :o)
I'm still not really looking pregnant. Everyone says I should be thankful that I'm in my 20th week and still not looking like there's a baby in there. It definitely has been nice to not need maternity clothes yet! I'm feeling the baby move all the time, and I actually can feel him or her moving with my hand too. Of course every time Joel puts his hand on my stomach the baby stops moving.

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Leah said...

Kelly!! I LOVE reading your updates, especially this one, I can't wait to see the new room! Wow, 20 weeks already, it seems like it's going so fast! I'm sure you both are keeping very busy. Are you still working? And how's Joel's work going? I miss you both, tell him I said hello! Love you guys (all THREE or you)!