Thursday, February 19, 2009

Can you tell I haven't been motivated to do much lately? I'm usually so good at keeping up with this. Life is keeping me either very busy or very down and out. I'm struggling to find the time to deal with my morning/afternoon/evening sickness, while taking care of Elijah and the rest of the house. Joel has been so great at helping me out when he is home, and is so patient with my lack of making dinner for, um, is it two or three weeks now? He just stocked up on burgers, soup, and other small meals he can make for himself (Don't get me wrong, he can cook, but I don't blame him for not wanting to make an entire meal for himself!). I stick to my cravings of instant mashed potatoes, subway and frosted Cheerios. Thankfully, we have found a medication that takes the edge off, and another that takes away my nausea almost completely. It's encouraging that if I'm sick again for 9 months, that I will have some relief!
Aside from pregnancy and home life, I am excited to shoot another wedding this summer, and their engagement photo's this weekend. This is actually the girl who bought my wedding dress off of craigslist! She loves the Lord, and it has been so great getting to know her! I'm really excited for the opportunity, plus I get to see her get married in my old dress! I'll be 8 months pregnant (yikes!) but we both felt that I could do it!
Elijah is growing like a weed. Although he hasn't taken any steps just yet, he is starting to balance and let go of things. As I type this he is doing circles around the coffee table. He just learned how to climb the stairs (look out!) and is getting into everything. I can't believe he turns 1 in a month and a half.
Joel is doing well, keeping busy with work...nothing too new and exciting with his job!
Ok, so I have to wrap it up quick. Family dinner time!

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