Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I hear one of my children stirring upstairs, so this may be a short post...we'll see!

We made it home safe and sound from WI...and in record time too! 12 1/2 hours. Seriously, that's pretty impressive with 2 kiddo's in tow! (usually it's 13+, depending on stops). Poor kids, towards the end we probably should have let them out a bit longer to run, but we were SO close to home! They did amazingly well for being stuck in a car that long, and although we were pretty beat the day we got home, I think everyone has recovered!

My kids aren't really used to not having someone to play with every second of the day yet...and I'm not quite used to having to have them all to myself today! I loved having an extra 5 sets of hands around me 24/7 for the past week! But I do think my kids to better with a normal routine, so they are adjusting pretty well.

Our living room is getting drywall this week!!! YAY! After a week of lounging around a comfy, warm, cozy house with a couch to lay on (my parents), we both realized how necessary it was to get the living room back in proper order. I can't wait!! Joel is amazing. He has done such a great job at the project. I would say I can't wait to tackle the rest of the house...but let's get one project done at a time and then evaluate. I am itching to paint though...anyone want to come help me?!?

I love projects. I hope to get another thing or two done this week, but my house needs so much tiding up first! I'm having the urge to throw away/donate everything again. I hate clutter. HATE it...but somehow it's always there. Better to just donate it I guess! Joel said I could try to find a babysitter for a morning or so a week for a while so I can get stuff done. He see's just how frustrating it has been to not have the time to find places for everything. I feel like I can clean/pick up all day, every day, but never get beyond that. Our attic already needs organized, and so do closets so I have places to go with the "stuff." I hope to start soon...I love organizing when I don't have 2 sets of little helpers along side of me :)

Well, I hear my Ella girl, so I should go get her up. She's turning into such a sweetie...I just love the ages of my kids right now! All except for potty training...anyone else want the job for a while? Good news though, Elijah finally pooped on the potty for grandpa Biwer. Yeah! Now if only he would do it for me...

I hear doors slamming...either Ella figured out how to get out of her crib or Elijah's awake too :) Mommy duties call!

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Leah said...

Hey Kelly. . . I like to paint! So when you're ready (and especially if I'm still here without a job....), let me know! I'd be happy to help!