Monday, January 31, 2011

First Response Team of America

This video shows what the First Response Team of America is all about. It was started by a man named Tad Agoglia, who currently "lives" in Lancaster. It's a team of a few people who are some of the very first to respond to natural disaster. They have a crazy amount of helpful equipment (hovercraft, generators that can power hospitals, etc), and the training to go where others cannot. The surprising thing is that it's not a team of hundreds of people, it's just a handful of people who have been trained well and have a heart to help people who have lost everything. Watch the's really awesome.

Our close friend, Andy, is joining up with them for a year. He went through training and is now a part of the team! We are so excited for him as he serves people in this way.

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Leah said...

Thanks for posting this Kelly! I know Andy and the team will greatly appreciate it!