Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New Addition



Sorry, no baby yet ;) But this is our new addition for right now! A little kitten we adopted from the humane league this week. He is still in need of a name, but we are enjoying having this sweetie around. He's super friendly and snuggly!

ps. Lancaster friends thinking of getting a cat: adoptions are free right now with a ticket stub from seeing Harry Potter. Great deal! Normally kitten adoptions are over $100 (still a good deal, as they come neutered or spayed, which costs $200 at our vet). Lots of cute kittens and cats to choose from!

1 comment:

The Jones Pod said...

ADORABLE!! And you totally fooled me with the "new addition" title ;) Can't wait to see pictures of that little one. Also...where are the baby bump photos?!? Just one. Please??? :)

<3 <3 TJP