Tuesday, February 14, 2012



It's been a while since I have had not only the inspiration to decorate, but the motivation to follow through! Today during naps, my mind wandered to all the ideas I have been storing up in my brain to someday bring to life.

I sketched a few things so I wouldn't forget them. I even searched pinterest and craigslist for a few ideas.

Thankfully they are mostly for Elijah's room and our bedroom, which don't need much work. All Elijah's room needs is a coat of paint and some fun second hand finds to add character. I have a dresser I need to paint, and I'd like to find an old wooden bed frame to paint as well. We will see.

Our room is painted, with a newer bedspread and rug. I would love to make some pillows, paint a few picture frames...talk Joel into making me a few more...and just add a few touches. The big job in there is painting both of our dressers. Someday.

I have been lacking real motivation towards cleaning and picking up our house lately. I blamed it on the mundane for so long. But after today I think I just need to use the creative part of my brain. It's been in hiding for a while.

While I was busy daydreaming and being inspired, I got a whole lot of cleaning done! Win-win right there.

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