Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Day

Today was one of those days where I woke up thinking our day would go one way, and it went in a completely different direction.

The kids and I were excited to head to the gym this morning. I think they enjoy the break from mommy as much as I enjoy the time to myself to exercise and clear my head.

Ella has had a nasty green runny nose for weeks now. She was put on antibiotics a few weeks ago for a sinus infection. In typical busy mommy form, I forgot to be consistent with the medicine. I called this week to confess, and was told to give her 5 more days of the medicine. And to actually remember to give it to her ;)

So today I went to get it out of the fridge...and it was nowhere to be found. Thinking I left it out, I scanned the kitchen a bit before realizing little hands must have nabbed it.

Ella dug it out from the back of the pot holder drawer when I asked if she knew where the medicine went.

Silly girl.

It was room temperature, and since it's supposed to stay refrigerator, I called the pharmacist to ask if it is still ok or if it will cause her to grow a third eye.

Pharmacist says it's bad. Must call the doctor for a new one.

I don't really like calling the pediatrician. They used to be so good about keeping kids at home unless they actually need to be seen. Lately I have felt their automated response is, "You should have him/her seen."

Sometimes I bring them in, sometimes I don't. They usually catch more germs than they had when they walked in the door. I weigh my options.

By the time I hung up they had me convinced Ella needed to be seen...and Jude.

Sigh. There goes clearing my head...and the kids getting out of the house. There go my morning plans.

Turns out Ella still has that nasty sinus infection (no surprise there!) and Jude has an ear infection AND bronchiolitis. I was sent home with prescriptions for antibiotics and a nebulizer for the baby.

So, we headed to Costco. At lunchtime.

Thank goodness Costco has those carts with two seats up front for moms like me. I can keep all the kiddo's harnessed in to make the trip easier.

We headed right for the pharmacy so we could get in and get out.

Longest. Line. Ever.

Wait in line. Ask if prescription is ready. It's not, come back in 5 minutes.

Thank goodness Costco had all those sample food stations open today. Kept my kids (and me) from melting down.

We head back for the prescription, only to realize I never gave them our insurance card. Argh.

After another round of samples, walking through the store and a nap for Jude (and a few more pharmacy complications I won't bore you with), we had our prescriptions and headed home.

Well, actually to McDonalds. When trying to keep kids at bay at lunchtime while killing time at Costco, bribery works wonders.

We came home to a wonderful fast food lunch (bellyaches)and miraculously, still happy kids.

So I guess I sort of learned my lesson today. The nurses at the pediatricians aren't just out to make money by bringing us in all the my kids were actually sick. And not to take my plans too seriously. Especially when kids are involved.

If any good comes from all of this...I'm hoping I can blame Jude's sleeplessness on his ear ache. And that when it goes away he will sleep through the night.

I need to be more creative with our days. Yesterday I put a bunch of beans in a rubbermaid container and it has entertained Elijah for the past two days (or at least for a while each day!). Sometimes it's amazing what a little creativity does for my kids attitudes.

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It's so much nicer than sand or rice, it's way easier to clean up!

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